Reservation Policies:

An acknowledgment by a hotel that a request for accommodations for a specific date and period has been received and accepted. A confirmed reservation, sometimes confused with a ‘guaranteed’ reservation, has specific limitations and the hotel is not obligated to honor the request if the guest arrives after a designated time/date unless payment has been guaranteed (by credit card authorization or deposit). At Days Inn - Pearl, confirmed reservations are subject to cancellation without notice if guest does not guarantee their arrival by any method described herein within the time specified in their confirmation.
A reservation that guarantees a room will be held and protected until check-out time of the following day by deposit, prepayment, credit card authorization, or travel agent/company guarantee. The hotel in turn is guaranteed payment for the room should the guest not arrive (a “No-Show”) unless proper cancellation notice is received.
At Days Inn - Pearl, space is blocked from the date of confirmed reservation. Actual room numbers are assigned to guaranteed reservations on the morning of guest's arrival date. This room is held empty and waiting for guest's arrival until check-out time on the day following arrival date unless canceled by prospective guest before 6:00 pm (central time) on the day of arrival. If you do not check-in on the first day of your reservation and you do not alert the hotel in advance, the remaining portion of your reservation will be canceled and you will not be entitled to a refund.
A reservation that requires a full non-refundable prepayment amount at the time of booking for the entire reservation.  This reservation cannot be canceled, modified, or refunded for any reason.  There will be no credit issued for this reservation.  If using a credit/debit card for this reservation, the card must be valid and have enough available funds to prepay for the entire reservation.  If the credit/debit card is invalid or results in a “DECLINED” status, the reservation will be canceled without further notice.
CREDIT/DEBIT CARD : Provide a valid credit/debit card number.  If credit/debit card is being used for someone else, must have written authorization to charge guest’s valid credit/debit card faxed to hotel. We cannot guarantee any reservation without signed authorization to charge your valid credit/debit card.
PRE-PAID DEPOSIT : May send a cashier’s check in advance or pay by cash directly at the hotel.  Personal checks will not be accepted.
Wherein a hotel, after a designated time or date, has the right to charge a guaranteed reservation as a ‘No-Show’ (unless proper cancellation notice has been received) and/or to release a confirmed reservation.
At Days Inn - Pearl, guaranteed reservations are subject to charge if not canceled by 6:00 pm (central time) on the day of arrival.  Confirmed reservations are subject to cancellation without notice if not guaranteed within time frame given on confirmation.
A designated time after which a hotel may release for sale an unclaimed reservation. The fact that a reservation has been confirmed does not protect the room, unless the reservation has been guaranteed by credit card, deposit or other agreement.  Days Inn - Pearl cancellation time is 6:00 pm (central time) on the day of arrival.  Particularly on Special Event Dates and Holidays, reservations that have not been guaranteed may be cancelled without further notice 24 hours before arrival date.  Please check with hotel about these special dates.
A reservation that has neither been canceled within the allotted time nor used by the prospective guest.  As the hotel has honored their end of the agreement by blocking the room(s), preparing it for guests' arrival, leaving it empty and waiting for guest's arrival while at the same time denying other guests space in favor of guest's guarantee reservation, a ‘No-Show’ is not entitled to any refund whatsoever.